SBC magazine has published 11th edition

SBC magazine has published 11th edition
Merchandising in sports, sports marketing and PR, construction and development od stadiums and arenas arounr the world and in Russia and....

4 Talk around the clock

PR campaign does not stop when it ends, SBC experts insist, offering lifelong activities in clubs’ promotion and a bunch of crisis management rules.
Sports people never entered the annual rating of PR directors, presented by Kommersant. Only few clubs in Russia are constantly working on their reputation, understanding that information policy is as important as transfers and training, and focus on it every day. For sure, the score is over all in sports, and the win is the best publicity, but the meaning of information departments should not be underestimated.
10 Nice business

Merchandising proves to be one of the most promising areas in sports marketing. Leading Russian clubs are counting on quality of their wares.
There is no more space for black and white stadiums. Club colored fans along with the teams are making the game spectacular. But trading accessories is as well an important share in the income. Top European clubs report, this may reach as much as 10 percent in overall revenues.
In Russia, this only looks as a dream, though we can see certain progress in the last five years. Depending on club’s level, merchandising may generate an amount from million rubles to more than $10 million.
16 Kuban Gold

The sports city is growing in Krasnodar. In four years Kuban Arena has to become its pearl. Concept creator, John Roberts is planning to cover the stadium in gold.
FC Kuban and Krasnodar regional authorities do not refuse the idea of building new arena, despite Krasnodar was refused to host football World Cup 2018 matches. The stadium should be built by 2017. And even Olympic Sochi has to be left far behind the regional capital, thanks to its current sports infrastructure development.
18 Football academies: the moneymakers

Financial Fair Play introduction in European football makes youth development worth investment. It is proved by English and Spanish cases.
Spending on your own academy may then save much more on transfers and players’ wages. At average, 6 percent of the European club’s budget is given to the football school. At a same time, 60 percent of the clubs in ECA poll report profits from their academies or at least declare them not making loss.
23 Giants and dwarfs. Guide to the current stadium projects

World Cup 2018 is expected to influence a lot on Russian sports facilities. It seams like there is time enough for the preparations and no need to hurry. But the story of the new Saint-Petersburg stadium shows the problems that Russia will have to deal with. FC Zenit keeps on playing in the outdated Petrovsky whilst the opening of the new arena is put back time after tame and is getting more and more expensive, growing from primary 200 million Euros to more than 900 million up to date.
26 Lights for Lightning Bolt

Illuminating the winning professionals
Summer 2013 was the time for the two world scale events in Moscow. Rugby World Cup Sevens and IAAF World Championships in Athletics were consecutevely hosted by Luzhniki Stadium. Not only the grass pitch installation was needed, as well as security system renewal, but the lighting equipment had to be upgraded.
28 Top 5 sports named

TV stays the most effective communication channel, but it is aggressively chased by Internet.
30 Minor plants in the starring role

Competition promoters are denying the power supply risks
Power Technologies, Sochi-2014 Winter Games partner, is in charge of building and maintenance of energy system. 120 diesel generators are ready to produce up to 100 megawatts. 800 km of power cables installed, as well as more than 70 transformers and 2000 switchboards. 
32 Ball by the Hill

VTB United League welcomes Volgograd newcomers. Krasny Oktyabr plans the warming party at their new arena
Basketball club is working on new 5000 sports hall to be opened 1st of January,2014. Alpha Bank guaranteed 320 million rubles investment, local administration promised to deliver to basketball development in the city. The project is held by the number of sponsors.
34 The Olympics and the day after

Host countries get more than they lose
Not everything done for the Olympics will run out completely. This means that the Games should be carefully planned and prepared, so that the memories of the great event might be marketed long after it fades.
38 Ecological Games instead of games with the Nature

Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020 promise to be the most environment friendly ever. Japanese capital is already evolving this way
Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Games showed the meaning of ecological approach. And from now on, any city dreaming of being the host, might be able to offer at least as much, as Canadian and British did. Or even more.
42 Valeriy Krutov: Work all of your life on your reputation

Mordovia Sports Complex director is talking about his property, education and the sense of his homeland
“They recognized me and trusted to rule such an unusual facility, that counts sports halls, 35 dressing rooms, the pool with the multistage cleaning system. It’s not only the matter of management, you should feel this all and understand, how it works”.
46 Myrtha Pools, the choice of Alexander Popov

Pick up the right way to build or upgrade your pool. This will be the first step to it being effectively operated.
50 MSA in 39 weeks

Russian International Olympic University adopted its first students. $500 million were invested, including $150 million of sponsorship.
52 Champions’ race

SBC presents: facts and figures of the one of the most successful sports projects in Russia
58 Summary

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